The Program in short

Discover the paid program to become an early childhood educator.

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Who is the Program for?

- Poeple who have no experience in early childhood education and who are looking for a career that is as stimulating as it is exciting

- Unqualified educators who have recently been working in an educational childcare service

- Employers in educational childcare who are looking for educators

The new paid Early Childhood Work-Study Program puts you at the heart of the next generation of educators in Quebec.

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How does the Program work?

The Program leads towards the Attestation of collegial studies (AEC/ACS) in Early Childhood Education. The course will be offered in the fall of 2021 in several CÉGEPs in Quebec. It is added to the early childhood training courses offered in Quebec, and introduces both work-study and the recognition of prior learning and skills (RAC) at the end of the course.

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How is the Program different?

Educators registered in the Work-Study Program are paid to learn and / or deepen their knowledge of the trade while having immediate access to a job in an educational childcare environment.

To be officially registered for the Early Childhood Work-Study Program, candidates must obtain an employment offer in an educational childcare setting and be admitted to the Attestation of collegial studies (AEC/ACS) in Early Childhood Education in one of the CEGEPs offering the training.

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